Coronavirus Backlog update

March 24, 2020

Hello my fellow reloading enthusiasts,

Thank you for your continued support, and for your patience as we do our best to support you through these unusual times. We know these are trying times and would like to ensure you that we are working hard to keep orders kicking out the door through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gallant received the equivalent of a Black Friday rush unexpectedly from March 13-16. This forced us to zero out inventory on the website so we could properly calculate our current order backlog.

Right now we are roughly 3 weeks backlogged on our production capacity. This means that many orders will still ship before the 3 week mark; however, some orders will take up to 4 weeks to fulfill.

In order to keep the backlog to a manageable level, for both our customers and for ourselves, we are implementing the following:

  1. As of 3/23/20, we have scaled up our production capacity 50% to meet the current demand.
  2. We will only be stocking inventory in the following bullets until we are able to get to our other bullet designs:
    1. 9mm 125gr RN
    2. 9mm 135gr RN
    3. 9mm 147gr RN
    4. 9mm 147gr RNFP
    5. .40cal 180gr RNFP
    6. .45cal 230gr RN
    7. .30cal 217gr BT
  3. We will only stock a fraction of our production capacity each day. We will continue to do this until we are caught back up. This will allow you to purchase bullets and will put your order in the queue; and will allow us to get our backlog back down to 1-2 week fulfillment times as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to reach out to us through our many support channels if you need anything from us. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


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