We love our customers but we haven't quite figured out how to make bullets with our feet and answer questions at the same time yet, help us out and review the frequently asked questions below, Click each question to show the answer. You can always reach us using the contact information at the bottom of the page


Shipping and refunds

"When will my order ship?"

Please review our shipping policy, if you still have questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us below.

"I was notified my bullets were delivered but i haven't received my package"

Packages can be occasionally held by the post office for various reasons, contact your local post office to see if they can locate your package, if they're not able to help feel free to reach out to us below.

"I only received delivery confirmation for part of my order"

Most likely your order was split so that it could be expedited to you as quickly as possible with what was available on hand. If you don't see a delivery confirmation for the remainder of your order in the next week feel free to let us know and we'll verify.

"Do you offer local pickup?"

Unfortunately, local pickup is not an option at this time.

"Returns and refunds"

Please refer to our refund policy page

"I planted my freedom seeds but nothing is growing"

You may have to wait for a full moon or sprinkle some holy water on them, neither ever worked for us but hey, you never know until you try.

All about our bullets

"Do your bullets require any additional wax or lube?"

Nope, one of the great benefits of our polymer coating is that it acts as a lubricant as well as a capsule, so no more messy lubes!

"Do you have any loading tips for your bullets?"

Use more "bell" and be gentle when crimping the tip, Successful performance of our Total Polymer Jacket (TPJ) bullets often hinges on the proper loading practices by the end user. Two of the biggest culprits that lead to problems when using coated bullets is not enough bell or flare in the case mouth, and too much crimp after seating. We strongly recommend seating and crimping in two separate operations. When attempting to seat and crimp in the same station, the bullet is still moving in the case mouth while the crimp is being applied. This can cause scraping of the coating, which exposes the underlying alloy to the bore of your weapon. this can cause leading. We have some great community members with some expertise in this area, check out these videos:

"Do you have any load data?"

We're in the process of building a public load data database, we may have some data available from our shooting team members we can share if you'd like to contact us below.

Discounts and vouchers

"I won a voucher but wasn't able to activate it during checkout"

We'll need to manually activate your code, please send us a picture of your voucher to the E-Mail below and we'll get it setup for you. If your code was previously activated check the date to ensure it hasn't expired.

"Do you offer LEO discounts?"

We do! feel free to contact us to get started, LEO's receive a discount of 10%. Please contact us to be given the discount code, verification will be required.

"Can I combine multiple discounts?"

We want to give our customers the best value we can but we still have to make sure we can continue to purchase the goods and services to get those products to you. For that reason we don't allow multiple discounts to be used at the same time and you may see them disabled during sale periods.

"How do I unsubscribe or change my email notifications?"

We hate spam too, we strive to keep interested customers up to date on the newest products and deals in the most convenient way possible. If you ever wish to unsubscribe or change how we notify you we've left links at the bottom of every email to do so.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us via by E-Mail or phone here for additional inquiries and questions: