Gallant Bullets exist to add value and give back to the shooting and veteran communities. Our bullet manufacturing provides job opportunities for transitioning veterans. While our match-grade polymer coated cast bullets provide quality for the reloading and shooting community.
Gallant Bullets Mission Statement


We will continuously add value to the communities that we are a part of through relentless pursuit of excellence in our craft, unwavering loyalty to our customers, and genuine dedication to serving those in need.

Gallant Bullets Company


We believe that businesses are meant to improve the lives of everyone they interact with. We believe this can be done through conscious capitalism, and a sincere dedication to our employees, customers, and communities. We know this relies on all members of our team remaining actively aware of these goals in everything they do.

Gallant Bullets Promise to the shooting community


Gallant Bullets will provide the best possible quality of products and services to you, our customers. We will also  enrich the communities we are involved with in everything we do.