Update as of 9/13/2018

Phew! it's been a while since we've made and update but a lot has happened! We've been hard at work integrating our new equipment and optimizing our processes to reduce lead times (pun intended), further our constant commitment to quality, and better serve our community. As some may have already noticed we have new colors and calibers released and will continue to roll out new offerings so be sure to keep checking back.

Introducing Gallant's newest color:

Leatherhead Bronze!

 In Tribute to our recent merging with leatherhead bullets we are now offering our newest color Leatherhead Bronze. We have replaced our standard Gallant Gold for simplicity of manufacturing and to reduce order lead times, but keep an eye our for limited edition special releases in the future!


New .30 cal releases

 We now offer 4 weights and styles of our .30 caliber rounds, be sure to check them out!

.40 180Gr. RNFP

We now offer our .40 caliber 180 grain in round nose flat point

.44 Semi wad cutter

New 240 grain .44 semi wad cutters now available

.45-70 RNFP

New 395 grain round nose flat points available

More to come!

We'll be announcing more releases so be sure to check back!


Check out our new snapback hats in green and grey and be on the lookout for some additional new upcoming goodies